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I specialise in the cleaning and bird-proofing of solar panel systems to ensure that they’re running as efficiently as possible. All my work is neat and tidy, professionally fitted and reasonable priced, so you can be rest assured that we will be able to increase your solar efficiency and deter feathered pests from your system. Furthermore, our highly trained team can also assist with the bird-proofing of all different kinds of structures to match your needs.

Solar panel bird proofing

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Bird Proofing

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

We have bird proofed 100’s of solar panels up and down the country succesfully with -to date- not even a single callback due to birds overcoming the proofing sytem we installed.

Solar Panel Cleaning

We regularly clean solar panels to make sure you get the most out of your invesstment.

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How do you do the work?

In most cases we install a metal weld mesh to the perimeter of the panels. In our experience this is an extremely effective method of bird proofing solar panels.

How long does it take to do the job?

In most cases it takes 2 men a day to complete the job. Obviously, this can vary depending on what we are working on and the conditions we are working in. For example in a property with a very big solar panel installation in very bad weather it will take longer to do the work. We factor in the time required to do the job into the quote we give you which means there are no nasty surprises.

How is the mesh fixed to the solar panels?

We use a combination of different fixings to mechanically secure the mesh to your panels. This avoids the need to drill or glue into the panels which can invalidate the warranty.

Is the mesh you install ugly to look at & visible from the ground?

In all our jobs we use high-quality material and the best workmanship possible to give you a nice clean finished result. This means that the vast bulk of our installation are neat and tidy and do not look an eyesore from the ground. In most cases do to the height and with the way the mesh is fitted it is usually very hard to see the mesh from the ground.

Do you guarantee your work?

We offer a guarantee with all jobs. The terms of our guarantees are available once you call us to get a quote.

Do you clean under the solar panel to remove nests and fouling?

In all the jobs we do we attempt to remove as much of the bird material as possible. Sometimes due to access difficulties we may not be able to remove all the bird material.

Can you remove bird fouling from the solar panels themselves?

If birds have left droppings on your solar panel directly we can use our water fed pole system like what window cleaners use to clean away all the fouling without leaving any marks. Please do inform us of this requirement whilst getting a quote as it is not standard part of the service.

How do you access the roof area to carry out the work?

Our professional certified installers use the access equipment required from ladders , scaffolding to hoists depending on the job in hand.

Do other methods work i.e. spikes ?

We have seen other systems fail , i.e. spikes are designed for a aerial bird landing onto a window ledge or leading edge of a building.

How long have you been doing this type of work?

Over a decade we have installed mesh to solar panels, more recently this type of work is in big demand as the feral pigeon population is increasing resulting in solar panels becoming a perfect home and breeding site.

What makes your company better than other companies?

Our employees are passionate, enthusiastic , and take pride in each job they are asked to do. Our top quality materials are bought from a large national supplier.

Our Accreditations & Certifications

The number one bird that likes to live under solar panels is pigeons (Columbia Livia). The great height combined with the overhead coverage and the warmth solar panels provide mean that they are incredibly attracted to solar panels on your roof.

Now we as bird management experts look at the problem of birds nesting under solar panels in terms of bird pressure when assessing what solution to use in each area.

You get light, medium and heavy pressure areas. The heavier the pressure the harder it is to get birds away from a specific area.

As a rule of thumb light pressure areas are where birds like to roost.

Medium pressure is where birds like to be close to for food

Finally, heavy pressure is where birds like to nest.

In most cases I have seen when pigeons have got under solar panels they are nesting there. This means that they are going to do their absolute best to stay. In this scenario scaring them away simply isn’t going to work and neither are spikes in most cases. The method that will work best is to install a metal mesh around the perimeter of the solar panels. This results in an impenetrable barrier that they can’t push or pull their way through.

This will take at least a 2-man team one day to install and once fitted is a permanent solution.

You have to be careful not to drill or glue onto the panels as that can invalidate the warranty. We use mechanical fittings which can be undone and replace if there was ever a need to in the future without damaging the actual panels.

The process of bird proofing solar panels is a dangerous task which involved working at a height on a pitched roof with bird fouling and nests. You can even get an electric shock from the panels.

This means great skill and care are required to do this sort of work.

Having installed hundreds of such systems I can assure you me and my team are the people to call if you need to stop pigeons getting under your solar panels.

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