Solar Panel Bird Proofing Edinburgh

Found in the south-east of Scotland in Lothian, the city of Edinburgh has been considered the capital of Scotland since the 15th century. The actual district of Edinburgh stretches slightly beyond the actual city including villages and towns such as Gogar, Newbridge, Currie, Ratho and Kirkliston, which exist to the west of the city.

The rich history of the capital is seen through the buildings that have withstood the test of time. Old Town in Edinburgh refers to the oldest part of the city where much of the medieval street plan has been preserved along with buildings from around the time of the Reformation. As well as this, the centre of Edinburgh, known as New Town, contains many buildings from when it was built in the 18th and 19th centuries. Both Old Town and New Town are so historically and culturally important that they were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. Not only that but the city also includes the historic University of Edinburgh, which has existed since the 1582!

Edinburgh has become the second most popular tourist city in the UK, only coming after London. With popular attractions being the Edinburgh Castle, which has existed from around the 12th century, and Holyrood Palace, which was built around the 17thcentury. Shame all those pigeons have decided that they want to visit too.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

This is our main area of expertise. We have done hundreds of such jobs to our client’s satisfactions.

Pigeons getting under solar panels. This results in bird fouling accumulation on the roof or panels which can:

  • Reduce the power output of your panels. (see solar panel cleaning)
  • Results in increased insect activity in your home due to the fouling attracting insects looking to feed on it or lay eggs in it- I have seen a house become infested with flies because of this.
  • Panels becoming damaged by birds and stop working altogether.
  • The birds not letting you sleep due to the noise they make on the roof 24 hours a day.
  • Gutters becoming blocked with bird fouling and bird fouling in the garden

The Right Solution:

The best method of fixing this problem is to install a mesh based system (not chicken wire as some people commonly suggest) around the entire solar panel array. The benefits of this being done properly include:

  • Being very discreet and not very visible from ground level
  • Not invalidating the warranty of your panels
  • Involves no drilling and screwing thereby preventing damage to your panels.
  • Can be removed if necessary without any damage to the array to allow servicing.

Why you should use our service:

  • Our staff are highly trained and experienced in carrying out all works specified and on this website and have worked for national companies in the past involved in these activities
  • We offer full written guarantees for all our work
  • We fully insured and members of the British Pest Control Association (see city pest solutions)
  • We have all our own in house access equipment including tower scaffolds, ladders, roofing ladders, harnesses etc and are fully trained in how to use them
  • We are mega friendly 🙂

Our System is 100% Effective at Keeping Pigeons Out From Underneath Your Solar Panels

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